Patriarch Irinej of Serbia has described the question of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian church as purely political during a visit to Moscow.

The head of the Serbian church, who will participate in celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow’s enthronement, stated that: “The Ukrainian question is not ecclesiastical, but purely political, and the Orthodox churches need to approach this issue in a very serious manner in order to sort it out.”

The patriarch then went on to say that the commotion caused by the Ukrainian question was like a bomb which exploded inside a house, and that Ukraine has become the object of much temptation for Orthodoxy worldwide.

“Ukraine is a great temptation [for sin] for Orthodoxy in general, and this temptation is of great significance, as it concerns the very center of Orthodoxy. It is not something external, what is happening in Ukraine is like a bomb which was thrown at our house,” said the patriarch.

Translation by Evangelos Nicolaidis

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