Forces of evil engaged in efforts to split the Ukrainian Church: Patriarch Kirill

ORTHODOXIA.INFO | Spiros Papageorgiou During celebrations at the Trinity Lavra of St Sergey, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow stated that, “All the forces of evil are engaged in efforts to split the Ukrainian Church from the unified Church of Russia.”

The Russian Primate asserted that politicians’ efforts to separate the Ukrainian Church from the Russian Church are destined to fail. “Certain political forces are dividing Ukraine by trying to tear the Ukrainian Church away from Russia and destroy our unity. They should know that all these efforts will end without success.”

Patriarch Kirill further added that the laws which the Church of Christ abides by are not man-made and that each time politicians intervene in ecclesiastical affairs, they ultimately fail.

The Primate of the Russian Church also said that he has put his trust in the faith and piousness of the Ukrainian people. “I know that the vast majority of those who now defend the unity of our Church do so bravely, that they defend their churches and are literally fighting for the purity of the Orthodox faith.”

Finally, Patriarch Kirill stressed that it is important to prevent not just the Orthodox faith from losing its purity, but also the “forced division” resulting from the unlawful actions of Constantinople.

Translation by Evangelos Nicolaidis