In his keynote address, Archbishop Elpidophoros focused on the theme of the 45th Clergy-Laity Congress “… the greatest of these is love” (I Corinthians 13:13).

“So we commence, Beloved in the Lord, with the one virtue, the one grace, the one charisma that is truly needful – ἀγάπη! Everything we want to do in the life of our Ἐκκλησία is only justified, and indeed, is only perfected, by love. … Imagine a world where instead of objectifying and opposing others, we simply loved them, and allowed the transformative love of God to fill their hearts. This, my beloved friends, is faith in action, because we continue to believe that we can become better people, even our best selves in Christ. … In the Light of Christ, the future is always bright. Even in the midst of a global pandemic that has changed our world and our societies, we have found ways to live our life as Ἐκκλησία. We have been called out, called out to lives of service and mission to one another and to the world.”